Vertech GroupVertech Australia, NZ, and USA deliver a comprehensive array of inspection, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and maintenance packages all underpinned by innovative specialist access systems. After recently undergoing a acquisition process of new subsidiary companies, Vertech Group tasked CompleteScope with the redesign of their existing  web presence to update and include their new business entities.

This was a full 360 degree solution project. We worked closely with Vertech’s in house IT, marketing, and management teams to garner a granular understanding of their current position and to create a roadmap for the projects. We provided design, development, quality  assurance and delivery solutions for the projects. Once launched, we worked closely  with Vertech’s in house team to deliver on-page SEO results for the sites, including their Australian, New Zealand, and US presences. The relationship continues with detailed weekly SEO reporting and management.